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Multi-Track Mixing & Mastering

Mixing is a much more extensive and surgical process than mastering, and it's worth it. Sometimes your kick doesn't have enough bass, your vocal isn't cutting through, or your lead sounds too thin. Your track stems are a puzzle waiting to be put together by our professional ears. All mix-down services come with a professional master as part of the package.


We will mix up to twenty stems for the listed price, and up to forty  stems for an additional 10% fee.

order customization

  • Choose your Genre in the dropdown menu above; if none of the listed genres fit your style, select Other and specify in the Notes.
  • If you need your track ASAP, select our Fast Track Service for guaranteed 72 hour delivery.
  • We typically finish multi-track engineering services within seven business days by default.


  • We will need a minimum of -2db of headroom with no clipping anywhere on the signal.
  • We will only accept .wav format audio files (16-24 bit is ideal).
  • All other information is available on our Prep Guide.

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